Transactions in SQL

Transaction is a logical unit of work in a database.

Types of transactions:

1. Auto commit transactions
2. Explicit transactions
3. Implicit transactions.

1. Auto Commit Transactions:

Every individual DML statement is an auto commit transaction.
insert into dept values (50,'export','hyd')

2. Explicit Transactions:

  • The transaction begins with 'begin tran' and end explicitly with either 'commit' or 'rollback'
For ex: begin train
            update emp set sal=sal+100 where detpno=10

(a) Rollback: update operaiton cancelled 
(b) Commit: update operation is saved.
(c) Savepoint: Savepoints are like a paper markers used to divide the big transactions into smaller transactions. 

Syntax: Save Tran (Savepoint-id)
Explicit transaction image
Explicit Transaction
begin tran
insert into emp (emono,ename) values (100,'Ravi')
save point a
update emp set sal=sal+500 where job='clerk'
save point b
insert into emp (emono,ename) values (101,'Pratap')
delete from emp where ename='Kishore'
rollback tran b
insert|delete will be cancelled
rollback tran a
update 1 will be cancelled
insert 1 will be saved
once committed we can't rollback

3. Implicit Transaction:

When implicit transaction is on automatically server will issue the begin tran statement before executing the DML statement. Then DML operations can be committed or rollbacked by users.

set implicit -transaction on
insert into dept (deptno) values (50)
-insert operation will be cancelled
set implicit -transaction off
update dept set dname='import' where deptno=20;
--update operation will not be cancelled.

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